Trapping Supplies


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More Recommended Companies

  • Trap Shack Company - Known for a wide variety of trapping supplies, fur handling equipment, baits, and lures.
  • IronTrail Trapline Supply - Offers a comprehensive selection of traps, lures, and bait for different types of trapping needs.
  • Wildlife Control Supplies - Provides products for wildlife control professionals, including traps, lures, and repellents.
  • PCS Outdoors - Features a large selection of trapping supplies, including traps, lures, wax, and dye.
  • Houben's Animal Lures - Specializes in high-quality lures and baits developed through extensive research and testing.
  • AuSable Brand Trapping Products - Known for quality traps, trowels, sifters, and fur handling equipment, all made in the USA.
  • Funke Trap Tags & Supplies - Offers a full line of trapping supplies including electronic game calls, lures, and traps.
  • Duke Traps - Manufactures a wide range of traps, including cage traps, coil spring traps, and body gripping traps.
  • Animal Traps & Supplies - Provides a variety of animal traps and related supplies, including trap tags, dyes, and stakes.
  • Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies - A well-regarded supplier of trapping equipment and accessories.
  • Schmitt Enterprises, Inc. - Offers a full range of trapping supplies and equipment, including books and DVDs by well-known experts.
  • Cumberland's Northwest Trappers Supply - One of the oldest and most reputable trapping supply companies, providing a wide array of products.