Adirondack Fur Trapper’s Epic Tales of Adventure

Stories Missing From 50 Years A Trapper And Treasure Hunter by Johnny Thorpe


STONY CREEK, NY | Take a trip to the Adirondack Mountains and sit with Johnny Thorpe in his cabin and listen to untold tales from his storied life.



Johnny Thorpe

STONY CREEK, NY | Johnny Thorpe is a name well-known to generations of trappers and fur takers. His documented fur catches are legendary. He trapped all over the country and taught many professionals his methods.


His status as an elder statesman of trapping was established long ago. He was inducted into the National Trapper’s Hall of Fame in 1996, and was sought after as a writer right up to his last published articles for Trapper’s World.


When Johnny wasn’t trapping, he was carving wooden Indians, wildlife, and totem poles or off on a new adventure.